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Canvaas Technologies Internship Programme



Internships at Canvaas Technologies

Canvaas Technologies offers internships to Engineering students. Internship tenure range in duration from 4 weeks to a year. What is promising during internship with us is the hands-on experience you will get working in one of our live projects. Come and be part of a team at Canvaas Technologies that is working to create better futures every day.


Business areas

We offer internships in the following business areas, your options are:

  • Web Development (CMS & PHP)
  • Web & Android App Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Software Development (C/C++)
  • Software Development (ERP)
  • JAVA and WEB Development
  • Software Business Development
  • Website Operations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Canvaas Technologies Future Leaders Programme (FLP

    Application process summary:

  • Application Form
  • Online Test
  • Personal Interview
  • Assessment Day
  • A detailed breakdown of the FLP application process

    Application Form                                                             ▼
    Here we collect information about you, your degree, any previous work or leadership experience and your motivation for joining us. This form takes around 45 minutes complete online. This is your chance to tell us why you want to join us and show us you are up for the challenge.  Application Form
    Online Test                                                                             ▼
    This 40-minute timed-test is available for completion immediately after the application form has been submitted. You have up to two weeks to take this test. Tests are deemed complete after the allocated time has passed.
    Personal Interview                                                       ▼
    A Canvaas Technology recruiter will interview you about your leadership skills and experience. This will require you to tell us about specific instances where you have displayed leadership behaviours. The interview lasts around an hour.
    Assessment Day                                                                   ▼
    You will be invited to spend a day with us at a local office. You will be assessed in a group with other graduates and asked to discuss and solve business problems using case studies, group exercises and short presentations. This is the last round of the process and successful candidates usually receive an offer to join the FLP programme one to two weeks later.


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